How To Prepare Your Child For An Eye Exam

22 September 2020
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If you have a child that is showing signs they might need glasses, you need to schedule an eye exam with an optometrist. Optometrists work with patients of all ages, unlike specialty children's physicians like pediatricians. Getting your child ready for their very first appointment can come with some anxieties. Some kids handle these new situations better than others. Here are a few ways you can prepare your child for an eye exam and make it a better experience for everyone involved: Read More 

Retinal Detachment: The Eye Emergency Everyone Needs To Know About

21 August 2020
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Most eye emergencies happen as the result of an accident or injury. However, there is an eye emergency that can seemingly occur out of the blue. Since it can happen to almost anyone at any time, and since it does require immediate treatment when it does occur, it is important that you know about it! This eye emergency is called retinal detachment — and here are all the details. What is retinal detachment? Read More 

How To Prepare For Your First Eye Exam

16 July 2020
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You should be getting eye exams every few years if you have no underlying vision problems. Eye exams are very routine and for the most part, are not invasive at all. If you prepare for eye care exams properly, you can have yours done without any stress and have the experience over quickly. Here are ways you can prepare for your first eye exam. Write down any concerns you have with your eyes Read More 

Eye Irritation Or Infection? What To Look For

29 June 2020
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Eye irritation is a common issue many people deal with, and generally, it is harmless. However, sometimes the signs and symptoms of eye irritation can overlap that of an infection. In these instances, it is important that a person be able to tell when their irritation might be an indication of something more serious. Learn what you should look for. Pain Eye irritation caused by an allergen or another external element is bothersome, but it is not typically painful. Read More 

Three Good Reasons To Get Your Cataracts Fixed Sooner Than Later

3 June 2020
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Cataracts are something that most people will go through at some point in their lives. But just because it's a commonplace issue doesn't mean that everyone's eager to have them taken care of when they develop them. If you've been putting your cataracts on the back burner, there are many issues that could arise while you wait, as well as benefits you could be missing out on. Here's why you should consider having your cataracts taken care of sooner rather than later. Read More